Hey kids! It’s Rocktober and we’re heading down to play FEST 11 in Gainesville, FL and doing some shows along the way. WADE NEAL of SEAWEED will be joining us on 2nd guitar for these shows. We had him along for 3 dates on our West Coast tour this past summer and it was too much fun to not try again. We’re playing a good deal of the dates with our buddies GAMEDAY REGULARS! Check the dates below and we’ll see you at the shows!

10.18.12 Chicago, IL @ Township w/ Werepire Day - Fear Of Floating
10.19.12 Detroit, MI @ Topher House w/ Against The Grain - Break Anchor - Destroy This Place - Dick Hickey
10.20.12 Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron w/ Gameday Regulars - I Hate Our Freedom
10.21.12 Trenton, NJ @ The Mill Hill w/ Gameday Regulars - Horace Pinker - Aspiga
10.22.12 Lindenhurst, NY @ Brew Haus w/ Broadcaster - Introns - Salvatore Rex
10.23.12 Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ Widows Watch - Gameday Regulars - The Clamors
10.24.12 Greensboro, NC @ Glenwood Coffee w/ Gameday Regulars - TBA
10.25.12 Norfolk, VA @ Aletheia w/ We Are The Union - Cardinal - Safeplace - Dominion - Trust Fall
10.26.12 Roanoke, VA @ Horseshoe w/ Knife The Symphony - Heevahava - Frantic Recovery
10.27.12 Gainesville, FL -The Fest 11@ Loosey’s (8:50p.m. set)  w/ Nightmares For A Week - Luther - New Bruises - Captain, We’re Sinking - Mockingbird Wish Me Luck - Half Hearted Hero
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