We just got back from an amazing tour with Long Island’s BROADCASTER!

A couple weeks ago, we all hopped in a van together and headed West! The tour took us through 16 States, playing 16 cities in 17 days. While we did have a few problems with the van, this trip was one of the funnest times we’ve had! The Broadcaster guys were super fun and all around great dudes! I must say, it was a pleasure to watch their set every night. So a big THANK YOU to those guys for sharing beers, laughs, tunes, good times, stages, miles, amazing views, excessive heat, stories, deserts, beaches, mountains, and floors! We totally have to do that again!

Also, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Wade Neal (Seaweed) who joined our band for 3 shows in the Northwest. Wade played 2nd guitar with us on our Portland, Tacoma, and Seattle dates! All I can say is, WOW! We had such a great time rocking with you, buddy! Hope you had fun.
You guys can see a bit of it HERE!

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to say THANKS to all the fine people that help us out whenever we are on the road. Friends, both new and old, have come to our aid time and time again. I can’t tell you how many times we get into the van and say to each other “Man, people are so RAD!” This past tour was no different. In our time of need, friends were there to help us keep rollin’ along. So THANKS to all of you who book shows, let us sleep at yr houses, help us through van breakdowns, come to shows, buy merch, feed us beer, have midnight pool volleyball sessions… all ya’ll. You help us do what we do and we appreciate you to no end. Thank you for your continued support!

See you next time around.